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Sad times…

It’s a sad time when even Supercars, them once crazy designed things that all looked different even if they were by the same manufacture, are all starting to look the same. It’s also sadder to know that they are following the market tread to sell Saloon & SUV’s just to follow market demand. 

Surely im not the only one to be thinking this, after seeing the current crop of supercar manufactures products? Ferrari are doing this, the FF looks like it’s got the 458’s nose grafted on it and all new cars have that gaping grill on them. Lamborghini are now doing this,The New ‘Urus’ SUV, which has alot of styling cues from the Aventador (well, from the ‘leaked’ pictures that are doing rounds on the web). I’d let Lamborghini off if the car at least looked like it could do off road like the LM002. Aston Martin have had the whole range looking near the same since the DB7, and took it to new levels with seeing how many times they can use the DB9’s looks. Even the likes of Lotus are wanting in on the Saloon market, with the ‘Eterne’ which is planned for 2015..if they get there act together now that is.

While I’m here, the whole trend for ‘Green’ & ‘Eco’ supercars is pointless if you ask me. Sure its nice to think about the environment, but does the average supercars owner really care?  It’s only for people who want to look ‘green’ and as if they care…if you really did go and plant a forest or something with the cash!  

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